Listed Equity

Effective messaging and positioning

We ensure effective messaging and communication of a powerful, consistent and compelling investment proposition and equity story.

Through clear and consistent communication, our clients build stronger investor relationships, promote better strategic understanding and improve valuations.

Our daily dialogue with investors helps to inform our approach to messaging and establishing a company’s market positioning.

Insightful Investor Perception Studies

We have extensive experience in delivering impactful perception studies that provide deep insights into  the business strategy, valuation and effectiveness of corporate communications.

A deeper understanding of investor attitudes results in superior communication effectiveness and closer investor alignment.

Unconflicted Strategic and IR Advisory

Clear, unconflicted advice sits at the heart of our business. We help management teams achieve their capital markets goals by providing both proactive strategic counsel and the means to execute on it.

A well-constructed and proactive capital markets strategy is a vital catalyst for unlocking unrealised shareholder value. Our team’s deep experience means we act as a trusted adviser for clients.

Direct Investor Engagement

We engage investors of all shapes and sizes; large & small institutions, pension funds, discretionary private wealth, advisory wealth and family offices. Our model allows us to speak to any investor we identify as relevant, completely free from the economic or regulatory constraints placed on others.

Long-Term Capital
The broad range of investors we engage are an attractive source of long-term, supportive capital. As we have no commercial relationship with investors, we have no vested interest in one over another, guaranteeing the right capital is always targeted.

Whether it is to drive growth, support a business plan or facilitate M&A ambitions, attracting supportive equity capital is never straightforward.

Liquidity Providers
For many Small and Mid-Cap companies liquidity is drying up. We place great importance on engaging the active fund manager and the ‘marginal buyers’ on behalf of our clients. Such investors play a critical role in determining the share price.

Our dedicated Capital Markets team have extensive relationships and deep knowledge of this often overlooked pool of investors.

Investor feedback
Investor feedback is an invaluable way to assess the effectiveness of our clients’ activities. Our regular conversations with investors provides us with timely insights, which we deliver “unfiltered” to management on a fully attributable basis.

Proprietary Investor Targeting and Profiling

We provide data-driven investor targeting and profiling that systematically and effectively matches a company’s investment characteristics to a corresponding investor’s style criterion.

Our targeting methodology matches corporates with the most appropriate investor audience and from this we build a programme of building direct relationships between our clients and the right owners of their equity.

Detailed Equity Research

Whether a misunderstood narrative, a knowledge gap from other sell-side coverage, an unhelpfully wide estimate range or a story not being told, our approach to research plays an important role.

High quality, relevant content, targeted and actively marketed at the right investors, is a powerful tool. Our research is actively marketed to targeted investors and prospective buyers.

ESG Advisory and Assessment

We help corporates navigate the increasingly complex landscape and lexicon of ESG.

We perform an impactful ESG assessment to ensure objectives and reporting matches the goals and requirements of all stakeholders. Our clear, understandable, and actionable advice is key to garnering ESG stakeholder support.

Independent Remuneration Consultancy

An effective remuneration policy fosters improved performance, supports strategy and reflects the objectives and concerns of shareholders.

With a long-standing partner, we can provide expert independent remuneration consultancy on all aspects of management and board compensation and company-wide incentive arrangements.


Our senior team, drawn from all areas of the capital markets, is experienced in preparing private companies for success in the public markets via pre-IPO and IPO support.

We project manage from start to finish. Our advice is free from conflicts of interest and clients take great comfort that the guidance being given is for the right reasons.


Strategic decision making and communication around critical areas such as M&A and capital allocation is enhanced by having a clear, justifiable and rational valuation model in place.

We work with our clients to construct the most appropriate valuation frameworks and methodologies to capture the essence of their investment proposition.